Dignity Works Here, Inc is the culmination of the efforts of parents and advocates of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Orange County, NY.  

While there are already many wonderful programs and people advocating for these unique individuals and providing job skills training, there are often long waiting lists and there are extremely limited opportunities for actual meaningful employment.  

Ongoing cuts in available public funds further limit the opportunities available while the number of adults with I/DD just keeps growing.

Our mission is to partner with local businesses to provide vocational and social opportunities for these under-served members of the community.  We strive to make this process as user friendly as possible for our partner businesses. 

Dignity Works Here, Inc is a Not-for-Profit corporation under section 402 of the Not-For-Profit Corporation Law and a charitable corporation under Section 201 of the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law. In addition, we are an exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. As such, while donations are appreciated, such donations should not currently be considered to be tax deductible for the giver.


We are currently in the process of applying for status as a Public Charity.  If and when our application is accepted (which we believe to be the likely outcome, but cannot guarantee same), all donations to Dignity Works Here, Inc. will be tax-deductible retroactive to the date of our incorporation, March 29, 2018.


If you wish to make a donation, we will gratefully receive it.  Upon request, we will provide a detailed receipt and agree to notify you of the outcome of our application to become Public Charity when that outcome is known. Please provide an address for such notification and be aware that this process may take from 6-18 months to complete.”